Ukrainian Sport Museum - Hall of Fame Banquet

Congratulations to the Inductees to the 2019 Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame!
Inductee Award Banquet – September 14, 2019
TRYZUB Ukrainian American Sports Center
Lower State And County Line Roads, Horsham, PA 19044

Cost: $100 per person. Time: 6:00pm

Ukrainian Sport Museum - Hall of Fame Banquet

Ukrainian Sport Museum - Hall of Fame Banquet


Boris Baczynskyj Chess
Alex Ely Soccer
Joseph Milinchik Football
Taras Kozak Soccer
Benny Bass Boxing
Nestor Chylak Umpire

1966 Ukrainian Nationals Soccer USA Open Cup
Champion Team - Pennsylvania
(Inducted as team members)

George Litynskyj
Paul Ayala
Ivan Borodiak
Paul Luna
David Julio
Robert Watson
Jaroslaw Mykycey
Volodymyr Tarnawsky
Carl Yakovino
Oscar Mendez
George Benitez
Ysmael Ferreyka
Henry Wagner

Professional Athletes:

Wayne Babych - Hockey Canada
Dave Babych - Hockey  Canada
Joseph Rudolph "Bronco"Horvath - Hockey  Boston
Benny Bass - Boxing Pennsylvania
Joseph Milinchik - Football Pennsylvania
Alex Jesaulenko - Football Australia
Roman Rosul - Soccer  Cleveland Ohio
Eddie Shack - Hockey  Canada

Olympic Athletes:

George Omelenchuk - Bicycle Track Michigan
Victor Kovalenko - Sailing  Australia
Valentyna Tserba-Nessina - Biathalon Ukraine
Vyacheslav Oliynyk - Wrestling  Ukraine
Jeanne Omelenchuk - Bicycle Track  Michigan

Amateur Athletes:

Randy S. Ferbey - Curling Canada
Boris Baczynskyj - Chess Pennsylvania
Alex Ely - Soccer Philadelphia, PA
Monica Dobosh - Powerlifting  Pittsburgh, PA
Krystyna Kowsz - Volleyball  Winnipeg, Canada
Taras Kozak - Soccer Pennsylvania


Myroslav Hertsyk - Olympic Committee NOC Ukraine
Oksana Vaceba - Olympic Committee NOC Ukraine
Valeriy Sushkevych - Paralympics  Ukraine
Joe Wiwchar - Baseball Manitoba Canada
Nestor Chylak - Umpire  Pennsylvania
Antin Ochrimenko - Soccer New Jersey
Mykola Romaniuk - Hockey  Ukraine
Stefan Malanczuk - Track & Field,Basketball  Ohio
Paul Kulas - Soccer  Illinois
Chris Shalay - Soccer Michigan


Roman Olenych (Gary Bowman) Great Britain & Ukraine
The Heritage Foundation of First Security FSB Chicago, Illinois
Selfreliance Federal Credit Union (Illinois, New Jersey)
Ukrainian National Assoc. New Jersey
Selfreliance NY FCU New York 


1978-1979  Rutgers  Mens Volleyball Team - New Jersey
Dr. Taras Hunczak, University Volleyball Coordinator Alex Popovich, Head Coach
Nestor Paslawsky, Captain, George Temnycky, Andrew Holynskyj, Roman Leniw
Bohdan Zawadowycz, Roman Wasiczko.

1966 Ukrainian Nationals Soccer USA Open Cup Champion Team - Pennsylvania
Paul Litynsky,Paul Ayala,Ivan Borodiak,Paul Luna,David Julio,Robert Watson,Jaroslaw Mykycey,
Volodymyr Tarnawsky,Carl Yakovino,Oscar Mendez,George Benitez,Ysmael Ferreyka,Henry Wagner.


June 2019
Dear Friend:
Another historical event is awaiting your participation.
The Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, domiciled at the Tryzub/Ukrainian Nationals Sports Complex in Horsham PA, (USMHOF) on September 14, 2019 is holding the 4th Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. At the Tryzub Complex, in conjunction with this event, a commemorative book will be printed in honor of this momentous occasion. This book will list all the Ukrainian Olympic, professional and amateur inductees as well as teams with a short biography of their achievements. The Legacy category was devised to honor supporters of sports throughout the past decades. A complete list of this years Inductees is attached. A electronic copy of the Commemorative  book will be sent to you.
The mission of the USMHOF is: The Ukrainian Sports Museum and Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit association dedicated to honoring those individuals, teams, events, organizations and venues prominent in the history of Ukrainian athletics. The Hall/Museum recognizes the timeless intertwining of sport into the fabric of everyday life. With this as a credo the Ukrainian Sports Museum and Hall of Fame is devoted to honoring those persons, places, organizations and events that have made outstanding contributions through inspiring achievement in both professional and amateur sports while forever enriching the memories of fans. We also will organize, nurture, and educate youth in the spirit of sports with pride in the Ukrainian national heritage. 
We depend on your sponsorship for the continuation of our programming and your purchase of advertisement space in our Gala Souvenir Book is one way to showcase that support.  Enclosed please find information and a form for your use regarding ad space in our book.  We hope that you will consider supporting us. Ukrainian Sport Museum Hall of Fame (USMHOF) is a 501c3 Non Profit and all donations are tax deductible.
Please return the form with your ad electronically no later than August 10, 2019.   Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact us at or call (973) 544-8774. 
Again, thank you for the consideration.  We look forward to your financial support and to your presence at the event as we celebrate this historical occasion on September 14th, 2019 at Tryzub Sports Complex in Horsham PA
Kind regards, 

Board of Directors

  • Teodor Bodnar
  • Myron M. Bytz
  • Roman Bulawski
  • Bohdan Porytko
  • Christina Bytz