Tryzub Archery
Membership, Training and Practice Facilities

The Ukrainian American Sport Center – Tryzub ( is and always will be the official home of the Tryzub Archery Team. Each Tryzub Archer must be or become a member (social or active, as may be appropriate) of the Center and must maintain that membership in good standing. On behalf of participating minors, at least one parent must hold or acquire and maintain a membership. The Center will be the location for formal team meetings and events.

New members, from beginners to champions, men and women, boys and girls of appropriate ages and maturity, are always welcome to join our club and team. We will strive to accommodate beginners for some time; however, the purchase of personalized equipment is critical to one’s growth and development in the sport.

Bucks County Fish and Game Association (BCFG): This facility will be the primary location for the Tryzub Archery Team’s practice and training. Each Tryzub Archer or family is expected to become a member. For a very reasonable price, this facility offers outdoor and indoor target practice and training facilities; 3D shoots; targets in the woods; exposure to other archers of all ages; a clubhouse and other advantages.

What is more, BCFG has an excellent youth archery program under the guidance of a corps of excellent coaches. These coaches are also available to adult members.

Here is the facility’s website:

Ukrainian Nomenclature
In Ukrainian, the Tryzub archery team is known as

Streeletska Komanda (Archery Team) "Tryzub"

Here is some additional Ukrainian vocabulary:

Streeltsee z Luka = Archers (plural)

Streelets z Luka = Archer (singular)

Streelets / Streeltsee = shooters; would mean archer(s) in context.

Luk (pronounced more like Luke than Luck) = bow

Streela = arrow

Streel = shot

Tseel = target or goal - in context can also mean bulls-eye

Tochniy Postreel = accurate shot or bulls-eye

Victory = Peremoha

Ukraine = Ukraina

Ukrainian American Sport Center target range: We have positioned a small outdoor shooting range for supervised small group and personal practice and training. A target shed with portable target cubes is in place as well. Only team members in good standing may use the range. Persons with less than one year experience may use this facility only in and under the presence and supervision of an archer with greater experience. Minors may use this facility only under the supervision of an adult parent, coach or parentally appointed responsible adult guardian.

Competition: Although no team member is required to do so, the Tryzub Archery team believes that true progress in the sport can only be made through competition in sanctioned tournaments, informal leagues, intramural events and recreational shooting events such as 3-D archery. Accordingly, the team endeavors to participate in these events as often as possible.